Troubleshooting Aws Direct Connect

Posted by Mario T. Coleman on July 12, 2019

Troubleshooting AWS Direct Connect

Troubleshooting Issues With The CCP. When your agents are experiencing problems with CCP, we recommend you go to their workstation and run the Amazon Connect Check Connectivity Tool. This tool will check which web browser the agent is running, and whether the microphone has required permissions. Click the Test buttons to check the ports and latency.

Troubleshoot Issues With VPC Route Tables. Open the AWS Direct Connect console. In the navigation pane, choose Virtual Interfaces, and then choose the private virtual interface. Confirm that the BGP status is UP. Note the virtual private gateway used for the private virtual interface.

Troubleshooting BGP Neighbor Problem With A Direct Connect. While it was possible to ping the AWS Direct Connect peer interface from the customer peer interface the BGP remained in the Idlestate. Local and remote ASNs matched up and IP addresses also matched up. Turning on “debug ip bgp”gave the following insight, which solely showed that the BGP peer connection was timing out.

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