Hi friends! I'm Jaimie, the Chief Happiness Officer here! I believe beautiful things can be found everywhere and that you deserve to LOVE the work you do.

When I'm not teaching incredible creative online business owners how to succeed on social media, I love to paint with watercolors and bake delicious cookies. Soccer games and dance recitals, relaxing at home + eating pizza are some of my favorite weekend activities.

I'm located in not-always-sunny Madison, Wisconsin with my two cute kiddos and my superman husband.



And you deserve all the happiness while you chase down your dreams.

Do you have big dreams that you want
to turn into a reality?

Are you feeling so passionate about your craft, but you don't know where to start?

You've got ambitious goals, but it can be overwhelming.

You're READY to turn your passion
into your life!

But maybe you're not sure if it will work out.

Here's where I come in.

I've been creating things and dreaming big since I can remember. For every year of my life, I can remember a BIG and AMBITIOUS goal. Become an actor. Become a chef. Finish a degree with two kids in tow. Learn photography, Photoshop, graphic design. Start an online business.
Be a good mother.

Some I accomplished, some I didn't, some I'm still working on.

I figured out that accomplishment came from CONFIDENCE.

If I think I can do it, I will.

But confidence isn't that simple.

It takes practice. It takes care. It needs nurturing.

And  I want you to have it.

Because the world needs your passion.

That's why I created the Create with Confidence mini course.

So that you will have all the tools you need to get over your fears, believe in your worth and GET TO IT.

It's time to take the leap. Be brave.

Come hang out with me on Instagram and take the free course. Read the blog.


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