Staying at The Breakers Palm Beach


Staying at The Breakers Palm Beach was truly a dream. I wasn't quite prepared for how much I would love it. After all, I'm a pretty simple girl with relatively simple tastes. Sure, I like expensive things, but I'm quite happy with what I have and I don't ever really yearn for luxury.

That may be changing after my stay at The Breakers. ;)

From the moment I got out of my Lyft at The Breakers, I knew that I was hitting a whole new level of luxury that I had never experienced before. The door was opened for me upon arrival, and I was given incredible attention at check-in. I was in awe of the absolutely stunning lobby, filled with ornate details.


When I got up to my room and opened the door, my jaw hit the floor. I think I literally say "Wow!" out loud! (I seriously told my husband when I got home that I want to model our future master bedroom after this room). My favorite part of the room was the swinging doors into the bathroom - I just thought that little touch was so fun and made it really feel like you were at home.

Of course the artwork and gorgeous white linens and pops of colors were also dreamy.


After I checked in, I was sure to just walk around and enjoy the property. With 5 pools, several restaurants, ballrooms, and the beach right at your toes, there was a lot to take in.

After I walked around and just breathed in the Florida air for a little while, I decided to grab some lunch (after a long day of travel, I was definitely hungry!) at The Beach Club restaurant. I was of course super impressed with the service and was excited to get to sit right out on the patio overlooking the ocean.

I ordered a glass of rose (of course, always) and the Thai Noodle Salad and I ate every single bite. I only regret not grabbing dessert because they sounded ahhh-mazing. Next time. ;)


One thing that I was super impressed with that I had never experienced before at a hotel was the attention to detail with housekeeping. After a night working at the Live Out Loud conference, I was surprised to come back to a room where my toiletries had been organized for me, my shutters were closed, my bed freshly made (again!), and chocolates on my pillow (which I received and ate every single night - okay, I brought home the last box for the kiddos).

On my second day, in lieu of lunch, I decided to grab a quick snack and head down to the beach. There I was met with impeccable service yet again and was definitely not used to the idea of someone helping pick out a beach chair for you, and set out a towel. If I wasn't working, I might have grabbed a cocktail down there too, but I just soaked in the salty air for a good hour instead.

I slept like a dream in the beds here, and I seriously felt like I was at home.

They also have great coffee in the sundries shop, and I was able to enjoy the Baked Alaska dessert on my last night with my new friend, Elizabeth de Moraes, at HMF (very swanky).


There are plenty more amenities to be enjoyed at The Breakers that I wasn't able to take advantage of, such as all the pools (I want to swim next time!), a spa, gym, shops, and more. I guess I'll just have to go back because my kiddos already want to go (really just based on the chocolates - haha!).

If you're headed to Palm Beach and want to live in the lap of absolute luxury, I highly recommend The Breakers.