How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Want to promote your online creative business on Instagram? Promoting your business on INstagram is about so much more than good product photography. Learn the three must know steps to creating a community on Instagram so that you can sustain followers and customers. Click through to watch the Youtube video with Jaimie Myers and Trena Little.

I'm so excited to have been featured on the wonderful Trena Little's Youtube channel. When she asked me to share a video about how to promote your business on Instagram, I knew I wanted to bring up some points that might be a little different.

Everyone can tell you that you need to share pictures of your product and include calls to action, but what about those elusive things that get people to actually follow you? If you aren't doing these three things on Instagram, you aren't likely to be promoting your business effectively.

1. Know your ideal audience inside and out.

Ask ALL the questions. Know everything they like and dislike, along with what kinds of things they value, their buying tendencies and of course, their demographics too.

2. Show your true personality!

If you are absent from your social media (as a creative online business owner), you won't resonate with your audience and create that personal connection that is so vital to success.

3. Use hashtags the right way.

The most practical of the tips in this video, I urge you to use the right hashtags, do lots of research, and don't forget to use them to search for your ideal audience.

To hear more, make sure to click over to the Youtube video and watch!

You Need These FOUR Things For A Thriving Social Media Strategy

You Need These Four Things for a Thriving Social Media Strategy | Jaimie Myers | If you want to build a community, get engagement, likes and followers and make money from Instagram, you need to have killer imagery, enticing copy, a plan and schedule and learn how to engage. 

If you're ready to step up your Instagram game, it's important that you don't miss any of these key elements to a thriving social media strategy. As a social media strategist, it's my job to make sure all of these elements are present in a strategy. Without one, the strategy is just not complete.

There are so many moving pieces to social media which can be incredibly overwhelming if you're just starting out or even if you've been doing it a while. I believe that a solid social media strategy is absolutely essential for small business and online business success in the modern world. 

The fact of the matter is that billions of people all around the world are using social media to connect with each other, learn about current events and yes, buy from brands. And Instagram is growing at a rapid rate. Most of the people who will eventually use the platform aren't even using it yet! That's mind-boggling!

It is absolutely KEY that you use the tools at your disposal to make sure that you are pulling in the right people. And with that, below are the 4 main elements that are absolutely necessary for a thriving Instagram strategy.

1. Killer Imagery

Social media is visual. People are visual. We see before we make a conscious choice to read or to click. And if what we see doesn't suit our aesthetic preferences, we tend to move on. It isn't more complicated than that.

The photos or graphics that you put out on social media need to be professional and high-quality. This means no blurry images, no poorly lit images, mindfulness with fonts and colors, clean and modern designs. And images that are the right size and/or shape for the right platform!

If this is tough for you, I provide content creation services!

2. Enticing Copy

In addition to the images you use needing to be professional and high-quality, the same can be said for the words that you use. Once someone decides to read, they can just as easily be turned off by the tone of voice you use, spelling errors, grammatical errors, confusing sentences and more.

Tip for writing copy: pretend that you are speaking to just one person (your ideal audience). Imagine how that person would want to be spoken to and do that while letting your brand personality shine. 

In addition to your copy, make sure that to write an Instagram bio that entices people to actually CLICK on your link.

3. Planning + Scheduling

A social media strategy is simply not a strategy without a plan. If you're flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to posting on Instagram, you're doing it wrong and you're causing yourself so much unnecessary stress.

Planning and scheduling ahead of time might be a lengthy process, but when it's done, it's done for a month (or for however long you plan) and then you don't have the weight of worry on your shoulders. You already know what's going to happen each and every day on your Instagram.

Need a content calendar made for you? I'm happy to help!

4. Engagement + Community

Once you have killer imagery, enticing copy and a solid plan in play, it's time for the fun stuff - engaging with your audience! This is where the real magic happens. Having the other three steps in play draws people to your content and inevitably to liking and commenting on your work.

When they do this, you'll be able to understand your them better and create a community that cares about what you do.

Learn about three places to start a conversation on Instagram here.

And those are the 4 pieces to a healthy and thriving Instagram strategy! Download my FREE Instagram checklist below to make sure that you're on the right track!

3 Ways to Make Social Media Easier

Three Ways to Make Social Media Easier | | Instagram can be difficult to master, but with these three tips, your will be rocking your social media and growing your Instagram followers. Plus, grab the free social media apps cheat sheet! Click through to download!

I get it. Social media can be so overwhelming. There are so many moving pieces and platforms to choose from and people to talk to. It's a lot. But I can assure you that digital marketing is not only the way of the world now, but that marketing in general is 50% of the battle when it comes to business. If you aren't putting yourself and your brand out there regularly, how will people know about you?

You just gotta do it!

And I've got a few ways to make it easier for you. I've always put together this handy cheat sheet to help you figure out the best apps and programs to make social media a total breeze for your biz.

1. Use a visual scheduling platform.

If you aren't already using a scheduler for your social media, now is the time to start. There are so many choices for schedulers and the choice is so personal, but I highly recommend finding one that has a visual aspect for Instagram. If you, like me, need to schedule from your computer for yourself and clients, I highly recommend Later. Not only is their customer service killer, but the platform is so intuitive. If you are a solopreneur, I recommend Plann. This app is seriously amazing and even allows you to drag and drop images to make your feed visually appealing. 

2. Batch your content.

Wondering how you'll have all that content to schedule? It's called batching and it's my best friend. Once a month, I pull out all my props and I take as many photos as I can for my Instagram. You can also use this method with photos of yourself or photos out and about. Take a lot of them, upload into your scheduler of choice, move around until it looks pretty and just like that, you've got a whole month of content!

If you're really ambitious, you could even dedicate a full day to this process and write out all your captions as well. I'm more of an on-the-fly caption writer, but I always write out captions for the month for my clients.

For other platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you could use a scheduler that will requeue your posts like Smarterqueue or you could start a Google spreadsheet with a list of posts that you'd like to recycle monthly. 

3. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day.

One of the more overwhelming aspects of social media is the idea that you need to be on it all day every day. While it is true that platforms with an algorithm like Facebook or Twitter reward high engagement rates, you don't want to go crazy. What I generally recommend is dedicating 15 minutes a day to engage intentionally on social media. Carve it out, schedule it in and get it done. Chances are you'll spend more than 15 minutes (I know I do), but at least you know that every day, that time will be scheduled so you can rest knowing that you put some time in each day.