5 Ways to Inject Happiness in Everyday

5 Ways to Inject Happiness in Every Single Day - Do these 5 small things for a quick boost of happiness when you're feeling down or even just to maintain your happiness level. Plus, print out these fun watercolor cards as a reminder! - jaimieemyers.com

We all know how to be happy. But it can be really hard to get there. Day in and day out, we are working towards goals or working for "the man" or doing things that just don't feel good. Day in. Day out. Is this any way to live? Is this any way to create? I say no. No more comparing, no more feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's do work that matters. Let's work together towards a better and happier world.

Right now, today, I want you to make yourself a promise to chase happiness. Do AT LEAST one thing every day that makes you say YES, I got this and I'm loving life. Are you still going to have just plain no-good days? Yeah. That's life, ladybug. But I promise you that when you commit to being happier and when you make it your goal to do things that feel good, you WILL feel good. Imagine that! Here are 5 simple ways to inject more happiness in your every day.


Is there really any simpler way to feel happy? Listening to music all day? Make it a point to put on something that makes you want to move your body and jump up and down like a little kid.


We all learned about this in second grade, right? Do something tiny to make someone else's life better, unselfishly.


Yup, I said it. It turns out that the less we are paying attention to others, the more time we have for ourselves, the more time we have to be HAPPY.


There's not a whole lot that makes me feel better than talking to my mom once a week. She supports me unconditionally. Do you have someone like that? Give them a call, even if just for 5 quick minutes.


Allow yourself to think about happy things. Close your computer and turn your phone on silent. Just sit and think a while. No pressure to come up with ideas or to do good work. Just daydream about what happiness feels like.