Are You Promoting Too Much on Instagram?

 Selling on Instagram? Should you be doing it or not? Is Instagram a platform designed for promoting your brand or is it a place to grow and foster community for your creative small business? Learn the mission statements of Instagram and Facebook as well as what users want and adjust your social media strategy from there. |

The one thing that most small businesses want to know the most about Instagram is "How do I get clients from Instagram?" or "How do I make sales on Instagram?" depending on the type of business they own.

And the answer is a bit... convoluted.

Because the answer is... you don't.

It's just now what Instagram is built for. And it's a big part of why I shared this blog post about having a complete marketing strategy.

On this week's Episode of THE SHOW, I'm sharing my answer and reasons for that answer to the question "Am I Promoting Too Much on Instagram?" I give you some guidance as to what to avoid to keep the Instagram algorithm happy (important stuff) so that you can move forward on Instagram happily and successfully.