Eight Ways to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

 Eight Ways to Use Polls in Instagram Stories | Want more followers on Instagram? Then you need to KNOW who your audience is. Use polls on Instagram Stories as a sticker and learn more about your audience and their needs. Get them involved and do market research all in one! Read now or pin for later!

Okay, get excited! Instagram Stories just keeps getting better.

Yesterday (October 3, 2017) Instagram rolled out a new feature in Stories: polls.

(Remember: new features on social media platforms generally roll out slowly so if you don't have it yet, don't worry, it's coming)

It's simple, really. Create an Instagram story (video, boomerang, or photo) and add a sticker. The poll sticker is easily customized - customize the question and the answers.

And wa-la! You created a poll. It's really that simple.

How to Use Instagram Stories Polls.jpg


The best part is that you can see the results. When you swipe up to see your analytics on Stories, you can see who has responded to the poll AND which answer they chose.

How you use those answers and analytics is totally up to you, but I recommend being careful about how you're polling and why. Yes, it's FUN, but it can also give you incredible insights into your audience.

Here are EIGHT great way to use polls in your Instagram Stories.

1. Ask 'yes' or 'no' questions.

Simple as that. Do you like ____? Would you buy ____?

2. 'This' or 'that' questions.

If you're wondering which thing to do, make, buy, see, or simply which thing is better, ask a this or that question. To make it even better, SHOW both things in the frame so that they can make an informed decision.

3. Market research.

Ask fun questions! Learn more about who your audience is with market research questions. You can ask them demographic questions or you can ask psychographic questions. Ask what kinds of things they like, ask about their attitudes toward certain things, ask anything that gives you MORE insight as to who your audience really is.

4. Identify engaged viewers.

People who answer your polls differentiate themselves from the rest of your audience. If 100 people watch your story, but only 20 answer your poll, you know that those 20 people are engaged in your Stories and in your business. Use that intel to engage with THEM in return and keep them involved.

5. Figure out which thing your audience needs help with.

Simply ask them "do you need ____ or _____?" And then move forward from there.

6. Can I email you?

This could be a way to grow your email list if you have an engaged Stories audience. Ask them "Can I email you about ____?" or "Can I email you with _____ freebie?" YES or NO answer and then message and ask for email addresses to add to your list.

7. Ask if they want to see something.

Headed to an event? Want to show a behind the scenes process in your business? Ask "Would you like to see _____?" If the answers say yes, then put it on Stories. If no, then don't.

8. Crowdsource opinions.

Use it for personal gain! Not sure which lip color to wear on your live video today? Having trouble deciding which color to use in your next painting? Want to know which shirt is cutest for your next event? Yup, use polls for these two.

The reason I am SO excited about polls is because they allow your audience to get involved in your business and become more engaged, without much effort on their part. People are generally looking for the easy way these days, but they also want to feel like they are a part of something special. Polls are a fantastic way to exploit that need while still allowing them to not do much in order to feel that way.

Have you used polls yet on your Instagram Stories?