How to Battle Self-Doubt (And Win!)

How to Battle Self-Doubt (and Win!) | Are you feeling crippled by overwhelming feelings of self-doubt? Many creative entrepreneurs experience the feeling of not being good enough or comparing themselves to others. Click through to read 5 simple tips to get you through! Or, repin for later!

Self-doubt is incredibly common among creative people - writers, artists, chefs, smart pants engineers and the list goes on - we often create straight from the heart and take leaps of faith with our work. This can be beyond rewarding, but it can also be mentally exhausting and terrifying. Underlying feelings of not being good enough or smart enough or creep in too frequently, but I am here to tell you that you can win the battle against self-doubt. Do I mean that you will never feel self-doubt again? Hell to the no.

What I mean is that when you start feeling those undesirable feelings, you will be able to keep moving. You will be able to keep creating. You will be able to publish your work anyway.


Stop the belief that the amount of praise you get for a project is equal to its worth. Whether you get 3 likes or 300 likes, you need to remind yourself over and over again that putting yourself out there is the real victory.


Set goals. I'll say it a million times. Set tiny goals. Set visible goals. Hit them. Just this one simple action will boost your confidence. The knowledge that you can achieve your goals, no matter how small, will push you past self-doubt and into confident territory.


Make friends with supportive people. Join a Facebook group full of like-minded people, like my community for modern creative women, The Happy Creative! Make one friend in your industry that you can trust. If they turn out not to be supportive, make new ones.


Limit your exposure to similar work. It can be hard to see others who create similar things to you succeeding or making things you wish you'd make or coming up with ideas you wish you'd had. As a watercolor artist, I have to limit the amount of other painters I follow on Instagram. There are so many talented people, but when I look at their work too often, I find myself comparing and falling into the self-doubt trap. Instead, I choose to follow only those who I know are also supportive of my endeavors or those who I feel I can learn from. Instead of following people who are just like me, I try to follow people who are nothing like me. This not only strengthens my reach, but it leaves me feeling inspired rather than worn down.


If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will always feel self-doubt. If you are feeling self-doubt, it is possible that you need to change what you are doing in order to be happy. As a person with multiple interests, I have spent months, even years, at a time chasing dreams that I wasn't passionate about. I didn't know that at the time, but once you find something you feel truly passionate about, you will just know.

Is self-doubt something you struggle with? What types of things make you feel it? How do you battle it? How do you win? Join my free Facebook group to talk with like-minded ladies about creative struggles.