commit to your goals

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Many times I think of a new year as a reason to reset and rethink my goals. But this year, I feel totally different. This year, what I really need to do is to keep going and to push. 

Don't get me wrong, I definitely believe that re-evaluating goals is a worthy and important thing to do, but for me, right now, the last thing I need to do is start overthinking and making lists. I need to do today full-on in order to get to tomorrow. What are your big goals and dreams for the year?

Here are some tips for finally committing to your dreams and goals:

  1. Make it non-negotiable.  Don't let yourself come up with excuses. Make working towards your goals, even in small ways, something you must do daily, like brushing your teeth. Make it a permanent to-do.
  2. Have a clear 'why' in mind. I think this is always really important when working toward something. Know why you are doing something. And be real. It doesn't have to be because you want fulfillment or want to help people. If your 'why' is that you want to go on a vacation this year, then own that and work toward that with everything you've got.
  3. Start. The big roadblock. If you haven't even begun, now is the time. Speaking from experience, there will never be a right time to start achieving your dreams. There will never be enough money, you will never stop running out of great ideas, you will never have read enough articles that you found on Pinterest about how to do it. Just start anywhere.
  4. Take advantage of resources that you need. You can't possibly do or know everything, despite what your teenage self definitely thought. The amount of resources and people out there that will be willing to help you can really surprise you if you are willing to ask.
  5. Know in your heart, that you are good enough. This is the toughest one and probably the one that drives you to even begin to think about the rest. You are good enough exactly how you are. No one can do what you do. The world will be better with your ideas in it, so let the world have them.