How to Lead People to Your Website on Instagram

 How to Lead People to Your Website From Instagram | Jaimie Myers | Want your ideal audience to click on your Instagram bio link to get to your opt-in, content upgrade or blog post? Here are 6 link tools that will help with that. Click through or repin for later!

If you're an Instagram user, you already know that they don't allow you to post links in your captions or bio text. You also can't hyperlink your photos or anything in your Stories (unless you are one of those lucky verified accounts).

Unlike other social media like Facebook or Twitter, you just don't get very many chances to share your links on Instagram. It's a very visual tool, which means that you must use visuals to draw people in. Once they're in, you'll have a better chance at getting them to click on your ONE link in your bio.

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But maybe you have several places you'd like to visit or maybe you want your link to change often without confusing your audience. Or maybe you have goods you'd like to sell with that link?

Below I'm sharing some really great link tools for Instagram that will help maximize your link so that you don't have to change it every single time you post or so that you don't have to worry that you're being confusing.

Link Tools for Instagram


This is a newer tool on the market, but one that I think shows a lot of promise. It's completely free to use and incredibly user-friendly. You sign in with your Instagram account, then create your links. Think: your blog, your opt-in, your shop, your newsletter, your services page, a guest post. You can add them all in the dashboard, then get one destination link to place in your Instagram bio. When someone clicks on that link, they'll come to a page that has those links for them to click on. You can control exactly where people go when they click! Traffic optimized! Bonus: you can even change the button colors on the page to closer match your branding.


This tool created by Later is an amazing tool if you want to turn each photo into more clicks, more sign-ups, more sales or more conversions. Essentially what you do is add a link to each photo as you publish them through the Later app. Note: you can't add links to photos you publish through another source. You get ONE optimized link for your bio that leads to a page with all of your Instagram photos. When a user clicks on one, they go to the link you designated. This would be great for product photos or individual blog posts. You can check out an intro to this tool on the Later blog right here or sign up for a Later account including this tool here. This tool is not free, but if you are using it to make sales or drive optimized traffic that will lead to sales, it's well worth it!


Chances are you've either heard of or used this tool already. It's a free tool that's very simple to use. Simply grab a long link (such as a long blog post link), take it over to (they also have an app) and you can shorten the URL. The real kicker is that you can customize the link so that it's not just a bunch of random letters and numbers. You could use your product name or brand name. No two links can be the same though. This is a great tool if you want to share a longer (uglier) one-time link in your Instagram bio, but want it to look a bit nicer. It's also a great tool for shortening links on Twitter.

4. FourSixty

This is a tool for making your Instagram more shoppable - great for online retailers! This works very much like except that it makes a gallery page of your images that link back to products. You also gain access to analytics that will tell you what kind of content is working to actually SELL your products. There is a monthly fee for this tool. See how one of my favorite skincare brands and former client is using it.

5. Linkinprofile

Another tool that creates one optimized link for you to place in your bio. It creates a page with clickable photos that lead to your content. There is a monthly fee for this tool, but it is not connected to a scheduler.

6. Pretty Links

Depending on what website platform you use, you may be able to create pretty links with your own URL. Instead of all the backslashes and numbers, you can just create one keyword that leads to your content, like I've done below with my blog post about using hashtags to grow your community. On Wordpress, there is a plugin to create these types of links called Pretty Link and if you use Squarespace, you can simply use 302 redirects to make pretty links. 

Are you using any of these link tools in your Instagram bio?
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