How to Write a Killer Instagram Bio

 How to Write a Killer Instagram Bio | Jaimie Myers | Ready to see Instagram convert and really work for you? Your Instagram bio and profile are so important! 5 things to include: your name, who you help, how you help them, a call to action and your website. Don't forget these important things in your social media bios! Click through to learn more!

Did you know that what you write in your Instagram bio REALLY matters? It really does.. a LOT. Your bio on Instagram is really the only information a viewer of your profile page will have of you.


A good bio will attract your people, the right people, almost immediately. A follow won't even be something they think twice about (Your visual story is the other thing that can affect this).

A bad bio, on the other hand, can break you. It won't matter how good your work is or how hard you're working or how many hashtags you're using if your bio is bad. It will repel the right people and they'll click away, maybe never to find you again. That is not what you want.

Don't ignore this critical step in optimizing your Instagram profile.

Here are the 5 important parts of an Instagram Bio:

1. Your name

The amount of times that I run across an account without a name astounds me. And I'm not talking about big businesses - I see small businesses and solopreneurs leaving their names off their profiles all the time. Please include it! It makes it easier for people to easily call you by name, contact you (no one likes to start an email or DM with "hey you"), thank you and compliment you. This personal touch is so important to how people view your brand - they want to know you, they want to know the person and the face behind the brand they are choosing to follow.

Ideally your Instagram handle will be the name of your business and you can also include it in the bio if you're worried people won't know, but you absolutely must include *your* name.

Exception: if you are a larger brand with many employees, this may not be the route for you. If you are the face of your brand, include your name. 

2. Who you help

It's really helpful if you somehow give a nod to who you are serving with your products, services or information in your bio. You can do this in a very overt way by saying something like "I help entrepreneurs..." or "I help budding artists..." or "Graphic Design for Musicians." Or you can speak directly to your ideal customer by using sentences, questions and emojis that would directly speak to them. Whichever structure you choose needs to draw in your ideal customer.

I have also found that very specific questions can help identify who you want to help. For example, my current bio says "What if you could create a community of devoted and loving fans? I teach you how." I didn't overtly identify who I help, but I did identify an important characteristic about them - that they want to learn to build community and get devoted fans with social media. 

3. How you help them

Not only do you have to identify who you help, but it is an absolute MUST that you say what you do. Again, there are different ways to do this. In my bio above, I include this piece twice - once when I say that I teach people how to create communities of devoted fans and another time when I more overtly say 'Social Media Strategist.' You can choose one or both, but you must tell people what you do either by title or by description.

4. A call to action

What do you want people to DO when they come to your Instagram profile? Ideally, you want people clicking your link. If you want people to just mindlessly scroll through your feed and like a few photos, you don't need to include a call to action, but my guess is that the whole POINT of being on social media for you is not just to get 'likes,' but to sell something or share something. 

This is where a call to action comes into play. Include a direct link to something that you want people to do when they come to your profile - Want them to read a blog post? Include that PLUS include the title of the blog post they are going to find above it. Want them to download a freebie? Include that PLUS directions on how to download above it. Want them to buy something? Add a link to your shop, plus let them know that's where they'll be going when they click on the link.

Remember: you can change your call to action and your bio as often as you want.

5. A website to visit

Depending your call to action, this website may change from time to time. The link you provide here should be optimized for what you want people to do once they get there. If it is the main page of your website, make sure that page is optimized so they know where to go and what to do when they get there. If your call to action is asking them to download a freebie, lead them directly to the blog post or landing page where they can get it. Whatever your call to action is, make sure they are headed to the right place.

This said, it is incredibly frustrating to not know or be able to find a person's regular website. If your link is not going to your regular website (say, to an article you write elsewhere), consider adding your regular link to your bio as well.

You can even use Later's Link in Bio feature (seen below) to give each one of your images their own individual link. 

Bonus: a hashtag specific to your business

If you have a hashtag people can use to be featured or join a community of others for your business, list it here too! 

Bonus #2: your location

If it would be helpful for your customers or readers to know where you're located, include it. It can be as simple as your city or state. It can be really fun to connect with locals!

How do I get my bio on more than one line?

If you want your bio to appear on more than one line on mobile (it will string together on desktop no matter what), you can write your bio in the Notes app on your phone using returns and then paste it into Instagram.

Is there a certain structure I have to follow?

Yes and no. The structure of your Instagram bio can change and evolve as you do. Some people prefer a list structure and others prefer more writing. Some people love emojis, others leave them out. Whatever you do, don't leave the above pieces out - they are crucial to your success and conversion rate on Instagram. Be sure that you write your bio with your ideal customer or reader in mind and you will see just how much it changes! 

What other questions do you have about Instagram or Instagram bios? Let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer them!