Beauty Blogger Turned Designer: An Interview with Krystal Oickle

 Beauty Blogger Turned Designer: An Interview with Krystal Oickle of Studio Krystal | Jaimie Myers | Krystal blogged about beauty and makeup, but now she's a branding and Squarespace designer. Learn more about her transition and what projects she's working on now! Click through or pin for later!

Tell me a little about yourself and where we can find you creating.

I'm Krystal, the mastermind behind Studio Krystal. Launched in 2016, Studio Krystal is dedicated and passionate to providing savvy entrepreneurs with simple and strategic website + brand designs. We've helped dozens of bloggers and entrepreneurs succeed and we can't wait to help YOU!

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Okay awesome, I want to hear about your business journey - where did you start and how did you get to where you are now?

Does anybody remember Piczo? When I was a teenager it was all the rage to create your own websites with glittery flashy text and neon colored comment boards. That’s where my love for creating websites and brands started but certainly not where it ended.

March 2013, I continued on my journey of website and brand brand design through the creation of my beauty blog - Embrace & Ignite, which does still exist but currently I just don’t have the time to dedicate towards it. As my beauty blog grew many of my readers and friends began noticing my website design skills and I soon began creating websites and graphics for my these individuals.

To further boost my knowledge, skills and abilities I attended College where I studied Marketing and Management and soon after graduating I decided that I wanted to open, own and operate my very own business. It only made sense that I combined my already existing passion with the experience I gained from my education training to open Studio Krystal!

You design websites for Squarespace - why SS over Wordpress or any other platform?

This is an excellent question and one I find myself answering quite often. Squarespace seems to cause a lot of controversy when talk about in comparison to platforms like Wordpress - in saying that, I’ve got a blog post planned this year to fully explain my thoughts. But I can share a glimpse of why I love Squarespace. However, I want to point out there really is NO comparison between different website platforms, in specific, Squarespace versus Wordpress. They are completely different and provide completely different needs. But my reasons for choosing Squarespace include:

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface

  • Integrated features including SEO, mobile responsiveness and email integration

  • Supportive customer service features

  • Detailed Questions & Answer section

  • Customization methods within templates including CSS & HTML integration for furthering your customization needs

  • Impossibility to create an ugly website with Squarespace

  • 100’s of high-quality features with an AFFORDABLE price point considering the features

The list of amazing features on Squarespace really does go on-and-on. As a designer, it simply comes down to what my target market is looking for in their website design platform. After lots of market research before launching my business the answer was clear: Squarespace!

What is your favorite part of the process of branding for your clients?

The entire branding process is really fun for me because I love being creative, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and helping clients make their vision into a reality.  But the one part that stands out the most is sending over the first draft of design concepts and getting my client's response. As a Designer, this response is the most genuine, excited and thrilling response from clients and I absolutely love when I can make other people happy through my design work!

Describe your absolute dream client or project.

They would be a savvy female entrepreneurs (ages 20 - 35) who loves to take risks, learn, grow, succeed, and create simple and strategic systems for their blog or business. They would be someone who values my services, values their website and brand, and wants to influence their lives in a positive manner.

This might seem very simple, but that’s what I’m all about!

Do you have any personal projects in the works? Tell me about it.

I certainly do have some personal projects in the works! One thing everyone might not know about me is that I’m a Certified Makeup Artist & Nail Technician. In saying this, I’m in the planning and working stages of preparing to open my own brick-and-mortar Spa & Salon based business! I’m keeping this very low-key at the moment but I certainly am really excited to see the plans move forward and be able to reveal more as plans expand!

What’s your favorite and least favorite social media platform? Why?

FAVORITE: Facebook - I absolutely love the personal connection that Facebook brings to my business. To fully utilize what Facebook has to offer me I use a Facebook Group to increase my engagement and interaction with others. I also use my Facebook Business Page where I’m very strict on providing promotional content for my posts, services and products. I’m also working to utilize my Facebook Business Page to give my audience a glimpse behind-the-scenes of Studio Krystal. And you can also find me MANY times per day in Facebook Groups such as the Online Business BFFs hosted by Melyssa Griffin where I love creating further personal connections!

LEAST FAVORITE: Twitter - I absolutely fell in love with Twitter years ago when I started my beauty blog but as I switched from blogger to business owner I really fell out of love with Twitter. Straight up, I realized how much JUNK Twitter contains! Twitter really seems like the platform to ‘rant and rave’ and doesn’t provide much value. Therefore, I have decided to focus my efforts on other social media platforms that provide much more of a return on investments.


A big thanks to Krystal for agreeing to do this interview with me! :) She's got such a fun and inspiring personality, as well as being ridiculously helpful. Don't forget to check her out here.