How to Get Your Freedom Back by Automating Social Media

 How to Get Your Freedom Back by Automating Social Media with Smarterqueue | Jaimie Myers | Scheduling your social media will save you so much time in your online business. Smarterqueue creates evergreen content that you can post again and again to Twitter, Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Get 30 days free when you click through - or repin for later!

If you're feeling chained to your social media, making updates every day and every hour, it's time to think about automation. Social media automation literally saves me and my clients so much time in our businesses that we can focus on making money instead of marketing. With an effective strategy in place, your automations will do all the hard work for you, while still keeping your social media feeling authentic and real.

There are so many social media automation programs and apps on the market and they just seem to be popping up more and more lately. As a social media manager and as a business owner, I have tried many! But I have finally landed on a combination that feels good to me, saves me time and automates in the way that I want.

My Social Media Scheduling Strategy

Plann + Tailwind + Smarterqueue

I know that many people ask about a scheduler that would schedule social media for ALL their accounts, but I believe in using the right tools for the right jobs. 

I use Plann to plan and schedule my Instagram content.

I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest content.

And I use Smarterqueue to schedule and recycle my free Facebook group, Facebook page and Twitter content. 

Each of these programs has incredible benefits, but the one I want to discuss today is Smarterqueue. Smarterqueue can schedule content for you on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups, Linkedin and Instagram (iOS only for now), with Pinterest and Google+ on the horizon.

Like I said, I only use it for Facebook and Twitter because I prefer the other schedulers for Instagram and Pinterest.


The Features of Smarterqueue

1. Recycle your content

With Smarterqueue, you can easily write your social media posts and then schedule them to post again in another week or month. You set the schedule and you add to your queue! This is where you save time! You can post to Twitter all day long (with your content and others' content), without having to do any of it manually.

When you insert a post into your queue, you get to decide if you want to schedule it once or if you want make it evergreen, so that it posts again and again. You can also set posts to expire after a certain date or certain amount of posts.

To avoid spam, Smarterqueue does not allow you to post evergreen content (content that will post again and again) until you have a specific number of evergreen posts scheduled for that account. I love that it does the hard work of letting me know how much content I need so that I won't spam people!

All of your posts are compiled into your queue which you can filter to see what is posting when and where.

With evergreen content on my Facebook page and my Twitter account, I have seen engagement increase ten-fold! Which means more eyeballs on my profile and more clicks on my links! Score!

2. Easy content curation

It is also super easy to find content to share with Smarterqueue! You can quickly and easily write your own posts, choose images and view previews of what the content will look like on social media. 

But that's not all!

You can also type in the RSS feed of a blog or website you enjoy and quickly pull content from their sites to add to your queue. You can also type in search terms to find content, as well as import from a spreadsheet or re-share your older and best posts.

Is that not awesome? No more searching and searching for other content to share. I used to keep secret Pinterest boards with articles that I wanted to share on Twitter, but it always took forever to go back to, find the link and the source and write the post. Now I have that all at my fingertips with Smarterqueue

You can check out more of how the scheduler works in this video.

Convinced already? Get 30 Days Free! It's a no-brainer!

3. Personalized schedule

One of the first things you'll do when you set up your Smarterqueue account is to set the schedule of when you want your posts to go out and on which accounts. 

You can choose to post every hour or once a day, depending on your needs. I personally post twice a day to my Facebook page and about 15 updates on my Twitter page daily. I only share my own content on my Facebook page and I share a mixture of my content, others' content and other updates like questions or tips on Twitter. 

Because I have my schedule already set (that I picked), I don't have to worry about what time my posts are going out and I don't have to spend the time trying to figure out when things need to go out. They just go all on their own. 

4. Analytics and link tracking

Want to know how your posts are performing? That's all built into Smarterqueue too! You can view weekly and monthly stats for all of your accounts, as well as see which ones are receiving the most comments, likes and retweets. You can even see what time of day your engagement is highest. 

In addition, you can analyze any Twitter account - yours or someone else's - to see if images or links are performing better, which hashtags are best, and even where posts are coming from (Smarterqueue or somewhere else). 

5. Previews of posts

When you are adding content to your queue, you will be able to preview what it will look like on the platform. This is especially convenient for images and Twitter cards. You can see if there is a Twitter card and if not, easily choose an image from the page on the site or upload one. 

What I love most about Smarterqueue is just how easy it is to use. It is completely user-friendly and easy to figure out. If you get confused, they have a Knowledge Base with articles and video tutorials as well as responsive customer service. Can't beat that!

The best part is the price! For up to 4 social media accounts, it's only $19.99 per month, a much more affordable price than similar schedulers. Want to try it out for free? Click here for a free month to see if Smarterqueue is the right fit for you. 

Get your freedom back!