5 Great Tools for Time Management

Five Tools for Better Time Management | Want to start getting stuff DONE in your creative business and stop wasting time? Try these five tools - Boardbooster, Convertkit, Google Chrome, Google Calendar and A Color Story for better time management! Click through or repin for later!

Sometimes a big part of being happy as a creative entrepreneur is simply having the RIGHT tools for the RIGHT job. Am I right? It can be so frustrating when you feel like you are constantly doing mundane tasks or when you have to take the big backwards route to doing things and it just feels like everything takes forever. For-ev-errrrrrr.

I want to introduce you to some of the best tools for time management so that you can do less of the boring stuff and more of the stuff that is really, really fun - creating! Whether you are creating art or creating online products or content, you can use all of these tools to better your business in one way or another.

Quick disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. I would never recommend a tool that I didn't completely 100% believe in. By using the links below, you are simply allowing me to keep creating amazing content for you!

Tools for Time Management


This is my absolute favorite tool for making Pinterest work for you. Pinterest is a search engine and a marketing tool so you want to make sure you are filling it up with really quality content that will help your audience find you! Pinterest isn't just for finding inspiration or looking at pretty pictures anymore! Boardbooster makes this so much easier as well as helps you to schedule pins all day long, to your personal boards AND to group boards, so you are maximizing your reach when you aren't even at your computer. I often have people asking me how I'm posting to Pinterest RIGHT NOW when I'm hanging out with them. The answer is Boardbooster. It only costs 1 penny per pin, so you can choose the right amount for you. Personally I spend $10 a month, but will likely double that at some point because it is just that good of a tool.

Google Chrome

Maybe you're already using this amazing tool? Google Chrome is a web browser, much like Safari or Firefox. One of the best features about Chrome is that you can use it on any of your devices. All of your information will transfer over to wherever you are. The feature that makes this a time-saving tool is that you can create profiles. Simply click on the 3 bars in the upper right, then settings and you'll head down to 'people' where you will create your users or profiles. Within each user, you will get a new browser window. Within this window, you can log in to any websites or social media profiles that you need. Google Chrome will save these for you! And you can even specify which tabs to open automatically when you open that user or profile in Chrome. This can come in super handy if you manage accounts for other people or if you have personal and business profiles. No more logging in and out 100 times a day!

Google Calendar

Maybe this is a 'duh'? I don't know. What I do know is that once I switched from paper calendars to Google Calendar, I felt about 15,000 more organized. No more scratching things off or 50 different colored pens. I still definitely use paper and pen for project management and daily lists, but all of my appointments, coffee dates and family obligations are kept in Google Calendar. If you want to make the switch, I suggest sitting down with your paper calendar and transferring all future engagements into Google Calendar and then literally throwing your paper calendar away (okay, you should probably recycle it!). Your calendar will be with you everywhere you go and you won't ever have to say "I'll check my calendar when I get home" again. Score.


Still using Mailchimp for all your "newsletters?" I know it's the easy option, but it also wastes so much time! I switched over to Convertkit a few months ago and I am in literal heaven. I never have to spend time designing emails and I can quickly and easily make sign-up forms and send emails in a snap. My emails now come across as more personal letters and I can send one out quickly each week. All my forms and emails are all easily accessible in one place - no more navigating a busy website - major time-saver. In addition, Convertkit makes sending a sequence of emails to your audience ridiculously easy - all the emails in the sequence are on ONE page - again, no more navigating! A disclaimer, Convertkit doesn't start out as free, but I find the money WELL worth it for all the time and energy I save.

A Color Story

This one is a bit different than the other tools because this is a photo editing app! And it's the only one I use anymore. Since I started using this app, I no longer use more than one app to edit ANYTHING. It's incredible. (For the record, all my DSLR photos are still edited using Adobe Photoshop) This app has SO MANY filter options and the ability to dial up or down the intensity as well as layer them. In addition, it includes cropping and adjusting, effects like light leaks and incredible tool such as Curves (What? Yes!), Brightness/Contrast, Hue Shift (this can be FUN!) and other This app saves me time just by being my go-to, but I also love the features that allow you to put your favorite filters into a folder and save your editing steps. Those girls at ABM think of everything!

I hope I've convinced you to really think about the tools that you're using. You can save so much time in your day with little shifts. And more time to create the things I love makes me a really happy camper!

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