Why You Don't Need More Instagram Followers

Grow Your Instagram Following without Buying Followers | Jaimie Myers | Watch this Youtube video to learn why you actually don't need to get more Instagram followers and what your social media goal should be instead. Read/watch now or pin for later!

You keep asking, "How can I get more followers on Instagram?" "How can I build a massive following on Instagram?"

And I struggle with this question, because it's impossible for any marketer to give you a straight answer to this question if what you also want is to grow a following that engages with you and buys your products.

Here's my question: WHY?

Why do you want to grow your following so massively? What good will that do for your business? What will you feel when you reach a certain number? (Something tells me that an Instagram following isn't going to be the bliss you need to be a completely different person or be happier)

I have found that most people don't have a very good answer to this question.

In this episode of THE SHOW, I give you the straightforward answer you need and tell you what you need to do instead.

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