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The creative life took me by surprise. When I was younger, I thought I was destined for a life with numbers.

But after my life was completely changed by a baby at 19, I became obsessed with all things creative - blogs, photography, design, crafting, DIY, art. 

I have always been full of dreams, but I was overwhelmed, confused, lost. I lived a life dreaming in the clouds, but I never set goals and I never fully put myself out there. I found every easy way and quit whenever I didn't have the right answers. Every limiting belief in the book begged my attention. My ideas felt small and as a result, I felt small. 

One day I had an epiphany. I wasn't working to fulfill my heart and my truth. I was broken down and tired of dreaming. I wanted to make something great.

So I got real.

I wrote down my priorities and my values and I committed to them 100%. I started setting goals, taking care of myself, setting boundaries and valuing my ideas.

And it worked. I knew that I needed to help others make this radical change in their lives too - to go from giving up to true commitment. And that's how Create with Confidence was born.


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Living a creative life doesn't have to be so overwhelming...

There's a lot to think about when you go down the creative path. And the doubts creep in all too often, especially when you decide to share your creativity with the world. You can go from super excited and confident to bumbling mess in a matter of minutes. There are so many people to compare ourselves to and so many ways to get distracted. It can really get a girl down! 

But what if you knew the steps you needed to take to feel successful, accomplished and happy?

My goal for Create with Confidence is to give you the actionable tools and strategies you need to build a better creative life, so that all those dreams you have can be brought to life! If you want to be the best version of yourself, it takes work, but I know that when you truly apply my methods and make this commitment to yourself, you will see higher achievement than you ever thought possible.

No more waiting for life to happen to you. YOU are going to happen to your life.

Ready to start your journey?


*Includes free updates for life*


'Jaimie is insightful and wise beyond her years. Her e-book Create With Confidence is the perfect blend of tips and exercises. I could not have found a better read - just in time for the start of a new and fresh year. Jaimie’s book has inspired me to set new goals for myself and actually work towards accomplishing them. Create with Confidence is a mini life-coach and cheerleader that you can carry with you anywhere! It is about being true to yourself and discovering what you're capable of, all while trying to make your dreams come true. If you want to start a new chapter in your life, this is the perfect book to do that!' -


What you'll learn...



Get in touch with yourself in this chapter by recognizing your unique gifts and how you can use them in your creativity. Learn to be enough all on your own and to connect with your core values, so that you feel satisfied and happy.

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Time to ditch all those things that get in the way of happiness and success. Improve your life by learning how to cope with outside distractions, voices and the pesky inner critic that tells you that you aren't enough.


Coping Strategies

These strategies are simple, but mighty. By incorporating ways to bring self-love into your life, you will be able to deal with changes, transitions, fear and obstacles. Keep in tune with your truth with these ways to cope.

Habits and Routines

Nothing like a good routine or habit to really set the stage for how your life will be. In this chapter, expect to learn why and how habits and routines can change the way you create and work.

Goal Setting

Setting concrete goals, both small and large, is one of the best habits you can obtain. Marrying your dreamer with your action taker will allow you to get things done and in turn, feel more confident to keep achieving more.


Possibly the most important piece of the puzzle is the commitment you make to honoring your values and using them to create goals that make sense for your life. Committing fully means you are willing to support yourself.



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What's Inside the eBook? 6 wonderful chapters designed to guide you into a happier and healthier creative life, starting today. Plus, 10 worksheets and planning pages, guides and cute illustrations to help you along the way.



Chapter 1 - Self-Love & Self-Worth
1. Your Unique Gift
2. Your Core Values
3. Bountiful You

Chapter 2 - Things That Get in the Way
1. The Inner Critic
2. Comparison
3. Feeling Stuck
4. Criticism + Rejection

Chapter 3 - Strategies to Cope
1. Self-Care
2. Visualization
3. Affirmations
4. Mindset Work
5. Community

Chapter 4 - Habits & Routines
1. Importance of Healthy Habits
2. Negative vs. Positive Habits
3. Setting a Routine, even in Chaos

Chapter 5 - Goal Setting
1. Prioritizing Your Life
2. Visible Goals
3. Setting Boundaries
4. Setting Realistic Goals

Chapter 6 - Commitment to Self
1. Rethinking Success
2. Making Sure You Commit
3. Remember Why You Came




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About the Author..


Hi friends! I'm Jaimie, the girl behind the keyboard around here! I believe beautiful things can be found everywhere and that you deserve to LOVE the work you do. You deserve to reach your wildest dreams.

When I'm not spreading the love with all my pep talks, I love to paint with watercolors and bake delicious cookies. Soccer games, dance recitals, relaxing at home + eating pizza are some of my favorite weekend activities.


Frequently Asked Questions


+ Is this a physical book?

This is a digital product. You will receive it as a PDF after purchase, which you should be able to open on any device you like!

+ Is this book for me?

I sure hope so! This book is for you if you are a dreamer who might be feeling a little lost. This book will teach you how to follow those big dreams, write down your goals, achieve more than you ever have and take care of yourself and your deepest values while you're at it!

+ Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately due to the digital nature of this product, I am unable to give refunds.


Create with Confidence

Find Your Inner Goal Getter: Actionable Self-Love Strategies for the Ambitious Creative


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*Includes free updates for life*
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